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GetPay Donations & Loans
Get 2x Return On Your Investment is assured & guaranteed in 24hrs duration e.g: Donate Min Of 1,000naira to a member and get(2,000naira) two members pays you back in 24hrs, time may less and will never greater than 24hrs.

PlansPH(NGN)GH(NGN)Duration(Hrs)Loans Eligibity
Starter: ₦1,000 ₦2,000 24Hrs ₦1,000.00
Silver: ₦5,000 ₦10,000 24Hrs ₦5,000.00
Bronze: ₦10,000 ₦20,000 24Hrs ₦10,000.00
Gold: ₦20,000 ₦40,000 24Hrs ₦20,000.00

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(1). Self Referred Offence: GetPay strictly prohibited the act of making fake refer or self registration via same referral link:


which is always detected as belong to you.
Since the beginning of this program, GetPay has installed an anti-spam detective & anti-spyware software which automatically detects the fake conversions activities by users. It verifies & compares user's IP addresses, browsers, locations & device operating system with the new referred user.
Which mean, most GetPay users has been getting blocked on a daily bases due to there offensive activities.

Penalty: Such users will be blocked on this server for 24hrs(being the first time committed) and place such account on hold and suspect watchlist for serious focus & attention by our administrators, if anytime the user repeat thesame offense or abuse our terms of use then we shall permanently suspend such account without any sort of notification.
Our online administrators were also online 24/7 checking on every user's activities and system reports to ensure GetPay benefits the right users who uses as expected.

Key Point: Do not click, visit or load your own referral URL on a browser for any reason in other to mentain and safe your money making account. The software measures the location distance and IP address of the referral link with the new details being referred. Be warned!

(2). Donation Failure Offence: As GetPay guaranteed every members participating in the donation scheme a twice returns in less than 24hrs, we are also protecting our reputation and keeping our current investor's return on investment. GetPay reserves the right to suspend any account that failed to perfect there donation to current investor merged to them in 22hrs. All current investor who are waiting has nothing to lose as the automated system will merge an available account whom has choosen to donate in 22hrs to ensure they have there returns completely.

Penalty: Such account will be permanently deleted without any sort of notification.
GetPay will connect a new account to pay the receiver from the "Payer's List" immidiatly.

Key Point: Be sure that you are really ready to donate before choosen "Yes" from the registration form, all participants have 22hrs to clear there transaction with the reciever. Be warned!

Note That We Shall Be Making Changes, Updating Or Add More To Our Terms & Conditions If Later Neccessary. We Shall Also Updates All Our Members Of Any Action On This.

By clicking "Register" I have read and accepted the terms & conditions or other agreements applied.

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